Call Center Solutions
Commercial Telephone Exchange, Inc. utilizes highly trained, professional and friendly staff combined with advanced technology to provide a range of inbound call center solutions to chose from including:

Order Entry
Whether you have one product or an entire catalog of products, our trained and friendly staff are available to take orders 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can enter orders directly into your existing e-commerce web forms or we can provide you with a customized solution to fit your particular requirements.

Appointment Scheduling
With online appointment scheduling both your staff and ours can schedule appointments. You receive the added benefit of your customers or patients having the ability to schedule appointments with our staff when your office is closed or your staff is busy. We can also send reminders to your customers or patients via email or by telephone to remind them of their upcoming appointment or reservation

Dealer / Store Locator
Our trained and friendly staff can provide people calling your telephone number or toll free number with the location of the store or dealer nearest them where they can find your product or service.

Let our staff handle the scheduling of reservations for seminars, meetings and special events. We can enter the reservations directly into your existing web enabled software or we can provide a tailored software solution to meet your specific needs.

Traditional 24 hr. / 7 day
Telephone Answering Services:

For over 37 years Commercial Telephone Exchange, Inc. continues to provide a broad range of telephone answering service options to meet the many diverse needs of our clients.

Services for Medical Offices
Our skilled and professional staff provide the highest degree of service to the healthcare profession. We provide both after hour and office hour services. Our after hour services follow the protocol set by each client in handling after hour patient, doctor and hospital calls. Our office hour services include call overflow handling when office telephones lines become busy or when the office is short staffed due to illnesses, etc. We also can schedule appointments both during office hours and after hours. This allows your patients to schedule appointments when the office is closed as well as allow our agents to confirm appointments when a patient calls to confirm their appointment time. We can also provide appointment reminders (see below). We are a HIPPA compliant business associate company.

Services for Business
No matter what type of business you are, such as HVAC, plumbing, contractors, real estate offices, property management companies or apartment complexes, we are here to handle your calls. Stop and consider what happens to existing or potential customers when they call your business after hours. Are your customers left to just a ringing telephone?  Do you have them talk to an impersonal answering machine or voice mail?   What about during regular business hours, do your customers sometimes get a busy signal because your phone lines are tied up?

By using our trained, professional, and courteous staff to answer your telephone when you can’t, your call handling is enhanced. You will see increased business, and more satisfied customers.

Services for Professionals
Accountants, lawyers and other professionals can benefit from our courteous and well trained staff. Now you don’t have to worry about missing that all important client call even after you have gone home for the day. And should your receptionist call in sick we are there to handle your calls all day long. We provide the important link between you and your clients.

Services for Government Agencies
Most government agencies can not simply lock up at the end of the day and have problems wait until the next business day. The people's business does not always end at 5 o’clock. Our trained and courteous staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to handle after hours emergencies based on the call handling protocols you set. We can even assist with call overflow due to staff shortages or unplanned disasters and emergencies during regular office hours.

Virtual Receptionist
Did your receptionist/secretary call in sick at the last minute? When you are short staffed we can handle some or all of your daytime calls and take messages, which can then be emailed or faxed to individual staff. You can also have your callers connected directly individual staff. This can be done based on your instructions for all calls, emergency calls only, etc.

Overflow Call Handling
Never miss another incoming call by having overflow calls routed to our call center when all your lines are busy. Overflow answering forwards calls to our agents to answer the call without any delay or interruption in service.

Appointment Reminders
Let our friendly operators contact your patients to remind them about their upcoming appointments. This service can free up hours of your staff's time. We can also contact patients in the evenings and during week ends when the office is closed. Simply fax or email the patient list with their telephone numbers and we will handle the rest. Once again, we are HIPPA compliant.

Wake-up calls
Having trouble with workers showing up late to the job site, or not at all. We can call all your workers to wake them up and to confirm that they will be at work on time. Reports detailing which, if any, workers will be unable to work can be emailed or faxed to supervisors allowing them to arrange for replacements early enough so that they are on the job site on time and ready to go. This prevents workers from standing around idle waiting for workers that show up late or the replacements for those workers that won't be in to arrive to get the job started.


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